José I. Vega Torres CAAMpAbilities

José I. Vega Torres CAAMpAbilities

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profesor de la Facultad de Administración de Empresas y Mercadeo, José I. Vega Torres
CAAMpAbilities 9th Edition

Walter Rivera Santos Life Story

Walter Rivera Santos Life Story

On the left, my Grandmother Felicita (Fela) Santos. Her husband of all her life, Eliseo Santos below. My mother, Iris Santos Santos at age 90 is presented in the video below. She did pass away 14 January 2011. She was 91. No sickness, but pass away at in Dr. Pila Metropolitan Hospital in Ponce.  She was under breathing therapy at the intensive unit dying at 9AM 14 January 2011.








Moments with friends

Moments with friends…

Moments with friends
Moments with friends

  It goes deeper than what the line implies…

      Happiness is all about moments sharing, specially when you do get together with those with who the moments where created in time.


Moments with friends
Moments with friends

Thursday 13 March 2014, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Why Thursday 13 March 2014, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Simply a move to become an author. That’s a move force by passion, a need to do, and to speak out forcing action. In this occasion, the book delivers Puerto Rican tourist related business owners, the tools to maximize their worldwide tourist customer acquisition.
The Photos below…

Puerto Ricans with passion, delivering their message by poetry, murals painting, music and so forth.

Poet and writer Marta Soledad
Marta Soledad



From Adjuntas
Mary and Walter


From adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Plastic Art


Barceloneta, Puerto Rico PINEAPPLES
Walter in Adjuntas
Walter in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

How to Nurture a Family, Ramona and Manuel Laboy





Adjuntas, Puerto Rico | Feliz cumpleaños Luchy Vivoni

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico | Feliz cumpleaños Luchy Vivoni

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Feliz cumpleaños
Feliz cumpleaños Mrs. Vivoni

Cumpleaños 92 Manuel Laboy Rivera | Ponce, Puerto Rico |4 february 2014

He, Manuel Laboy Rivera, turns 92 years of age today 2014 Feb 4th. Also, 62 years of marriage and counting. Those are my mother and father in law here in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Now that I am working from home on, LLC, the time to enjoy this moments is now available… priceless to see my wife face of happiness.

Puerto Rican Beaches In 100 Days

Hi and welcome. Puerto Rican Beaches In 100 Days is a wonderful task. Imagine, bathing on a new beach everyday! Our first beach video is from Ponce, Coffin Island. There are more coming from Ponce.

Coffin Island
Only 3mi/4.9km off the coast of Ponce is the Isla Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island). The name of the island is believed to derive from a French author’s perspective that the island looked like a body in a coffin. Coffin Island is 1mi/1.6km long and is a rare wildlife refuge with a reef system. The environment is dry, which supports reptiles and endangered plants. The island is made up of rocky and sandy coastline, and a combination of lowlands and hills. On the island is a restored lighthouse built in 1887 that is registered with the National Trust.

La Guancha Beach #PaPuertoRico