Silver ACS 200 Antimicrobial


ACS 200 Extra Strength: The Most Effective Broad-Spectrum

ACS 200 is anti-fungal, anti-viral and bactericidal, achieving 99.9999% (complete) kill against Candida albicans, Rhinovirus and MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in less than 3 minutes as proven via independently derived in vitro, benchmark kill-time studies. .

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Soy Consumption Data

Dangers of Soy

Dangers of soy… and what to eat.

They are extensive and they are real. Soy has become very popular in the last 15 years and it is now a 4 billion dollar industry. Great marketing efforts are definitely paying off but thankfully to many scientific studies we are now aware of the real dangers of soy consumption.

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Heart Health 2015

Dr. Philip Miller

Heart Health 2015

Real Issues in Heart Disease

Published on Jul 15, 2015
“Real Issues in Heart Disease” – a presentation by Philip Miller, MD on June 18, 2015

Dr. Philip Lee Miller, MD, Founder, Medical Director and CEO of California Age Management Institute, has been in medical practice for over 40 years.

He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1968 (Centennial ) with a degree in Biochemistry, later graduated from the School of Medicine at UC San Diego in 1972 with an MD degree in the school’s first charter) graduating class, and went on to pursue further training in Neurology at UC Davis. He has been ABEM Board Certified in Emergency and is now a Diplomat of the ABAAM Board.

Dr. Miller has become a leader and pioneer in AntiAging and Longevity Medicine with a past association with Dr. Julian Whitaker of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California.
He is currently a charter member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and has passed the first-ever Board Exams in Anti-Aging Medicine in December 1997 and December 1998, qualifying him Board Qualified by the ABAAM Board (American Board on Anti-Aging Medicine).

He holds distinctive memberships in the American of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), (past) American Academy of Neurology (AAN), as well as the Santa Clara Valley Medical Society, and the California Medical Association (CMA). Dr. Miller has co-authored a major addition to the Anti-Aging Medicine literature The LEF Revolution: The New Science of Growing Older without Aging released on May 17, 2005. He has been a frequent contributor to Huffington Post in the past.

He is currently working on new directions in health information software systems and is the Chief Science Officer (CSO) of a new and emerging company — TCM Holistics specializing in potent organic herbal formulations.

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Silicon Valley Health Institute Smart Life Forum Palo Alto

All About Alzheimer


All About Alzheimer

Possible Solutions are in biology. Got a video on research as of 2014.


  • Vascular health improvement
    • Diet
      • Vitamins & Minerals
      • Hormonal Balance
      • Transfer Factor Plus
    • Proper Food Intake
    • Physical Exercise
      • Basketball
      • Raketball
      • Weight Lifting
    • Mental Exercise
      • Chess Game
      • Play Piano or Violin
      • Math Drills
      • Language Learning


Do no use genetics for prediction. there are a myriad of factors involve here.

Having two genes of Apolipoprotein E (APOE) increases the risk.

APOE has three common forms:

  • APOE e3 — the most common — doesn’t seem to affect the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • APOEe4 — a little more common — appears to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • APOE e2 — the least common — appears to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • More aboutgenesThere are other genes conducive to higher risks:Some types of  SORL1 on chromosome 11
    CLU is responsible for the clearance of amyloid-beta from the brain.
    CR1 protein producing gene creates brain inflammation.
    PICALM Use for brain nerve cells communication, vey important for memory formation.
    TREM2 Involved in the regulation of the brain’s response to inflammation.



  • Age related disease
    • After age 85, one of two will have Alzheimer
  • It is one type of dementia as seen in the photo
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment is the first stage


Pathogenesis: You can click here to see the video. Skip to  42:00 minutes mark to get the full explanation of this photo.


Here is that video from MD, PhD Allan Levey with an overview of current research as of April 2013.

1. What it Does

2. Research Advances as of 2010

3. What to do Now

4. Healthy Lifestyle, Good Food, Exercise



Vacation & Fitness

Walter Running Beach

Fitness is your life line… Vacations are your efforts validation

When I was happy, I forgot about you, now I am sad and need you! from, LLC on Vimeo.

AskWalter about an adventure vacation package customization. A better choice for life

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When I was happy, I forgot about you, now I am sad and need you!
Listen to the person at your side. Really listen. You will earn one up to ten years of happiness per person.

Business works exactly the same way. When you had all the customers on the world, you din’t listen. Now you business is going south and you are worried. Now you are searching for the customers voices, you are listening.

We do things right all the time… yes… minus human errors variable. Listen and act upon learned needs.

Tierra Taina 2015

Tierra Taina 2015 f

Tierra Taína 2015

Primer festival indígena de Tierra Taína de Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

Experimente una sencilla danza india conducente un buen aguacero.  Disfrute de artesanos con piezas históricas, originales y creativas.

Samuel Lind


Arte Vivo Samuel Lind from, LLC on Vimeo.

Samuel Lind Arte Vivo
Samuel Lind, pintor y escultor de Loiza, PR, comparte su taller y su philosofia de vida desde su studio en Loiza, Puerto Rico. Samuel Lind “Arte Vivo Samuel Lind” desde su estudio en Loiza, Puerto Rico
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